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  • Welcome to the Pilates Retreat

    What better way to kick off 2023 than our very own Pilates Retreat! I love to start off a new year by taking some time for myself - to set my intentions for the year ahead, create healthy new routines and get moving again after the holiday season. This year I'm inviting you all to join me on a 7 ...

  • DAY 1 - Full Body Low Impact Cardio

    Welcome to day 1 of your Pilates Retreat. It all starts here my love. Today we have a a Cardio Pilates Sculpt class that will help wake up your body and create fresh energy. I love this style of class for a quick boost.

    Something that I talk about a lot in Align classes is moving with intentio...

  • DAY 1 - Intention Setting Journal With Me

    This is my go to monthly journal routine that I can't wait to share with you. Today we are going to get clear on our goals and the steps it will take to get there. I want you to let yourself dream big, get inspired and embody your future in this.

    Align Journal available here: https://www.al...

  • DAY 2 - Abs + Arms De-bloat Class

    Day 2! How are you feeling angel? Today a mat Pilates abs and arms class to de-bloat. This class will help you to de-stress and lower cortisol and inflammation. It also helps with digestion and bloating. It’s a great way to create space in the body and let go of excess water retention we may be ...

  • DAY 2 - Lymphatic Massage and De-Bloat

    I am SO excited to share my favourite de-bloat lymphatic massage routine with you! This is one of my favourite ways to de-stress and give back to my body. This really has become a pre-shoot ritual for me because it helps me to flush out any toxins or bloating and feel more energised and confident...

  • DAY 3 - Low Impact Legs + Butt

    The sweat is going to be real today!! Try to move through the low impact cardio butt and thighs class today as this ultimate potential version of you. Maybe challenging yourself to try a more advanced option. Maybe adding more positive self talk when things get challenging. You got this!

    In this...

  • DAY 3 - Embody Your Future Self Mediation

    Today I will be guiding you through a meditation to get clear on this version of you and start to embody their energy. You will intensely visualise this version of you, and feel the feelings of being her now.

    In this class I'm wearing:
    - Long Sleeve Crop, Cloud: https://www.alignapp.com/store/p...

  • DAY 4 – Full Body Reformer

    I am in love with this style of movement. Our home reformer class replicates reformer exercises using sock or sliders. Look at this daily movement as setting yourself up for the day. Time to connect to your body, get stronger, feel vibrant and healthy.

    In this class I'm wearing:
    - Leggings, San...

  • DAY 4 - Every Day Journal Routine

    Hello my love! Today we have a quick journal routine you can use daily to connect with yourself I love this sort of self check in as a routine that sets you up for the day.

    Align Journal available here: https://www.alignapp.com/store/p/align-journal

    In this class I'm wearing:
    - Long Sleeve Cro...

  • DAY 5 - Low Impact Abs & Arms

    In our low impact cardio abs and arms class today we are moving our bodies from a place of love. Working out in a way that feels good, that gives us energy. Taking the options that feel supportive of our bodies. Movement is such a great way to celebrate your body and all the amazing things it doe...

  • DAY 5 – Gua Sha Routine

    I have included one of my favourite facial massage and Gua Sha routines as the self care practice for today. As you do this, or maybe whenever you see yourself in the mirror today, look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself, “I love you, I am proud of you, you’re doing an amazing job.”

    In this ...

  • DAY 6 - Mat Butt + Thighs

    We will be incorporating the power of gratitude into our mat Pilates class and meditation today so you can really feel this in your body, and carry the energy out into your day. Being thankful for what you have while working to what you want.

    In this class I'm wearing:
    - Long Sleeve Crop, Dune: ...

  • DAY 6 - Meditation for Self Love & Gratitude

    This meditation is to help you use gratitude and self-love to keep you grounded and inspired in times of transformation. Right now you are doing the work to create your dream girl self and future. Use this to set the tone and embody this energy of self love on your journey.

    In this class I'm wea...

  • DAY 7 – Stretch + Release

    You made it to day 7! I am so proud of you!! Today we are showing our hard working muscles some love. It's all about tuning into your body, connecting to yourself and listening to your intuition about what you need to feel your best going forward.

    In this class I'm wearing:
    - Leggings, Sand: ht...

  • DAY 7 - Quick Energy Reset & Re-centre

    This meditation is the perfect pick me up when you feel like you need a reset and to refocus. After this retreat ends, it is so important to commit to yourself and keep these rituals up. Continue to create time for your workouts and to practice mindfulness and self care. Keep working towards your...

  • Retreat Program Guide - E-Book (Mobile Version).pdf

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