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Watch this video and more on ALIGN

Watch this video and more on ALIGN

DAY 2 - Lymphatic Massage and De-Bloat



  • DAY 3 - Low Impact Legs + Butt

    The sweat is going to be real today!! Try to move through the low impact cardio butt and thighs class today as this ultimate potential version of you. Maybe challenging yourself to try a more advanced option. Maybe adding more positive self talk when things get challenging. You got this!

    In this...

  • DAY 3 - Embody Your Future Self Media...

    Today I will be guiding you through a meditation to get clear on this version of you and start to embody their energy. You will intensely visualise this version of you, and feel the feelings of being her now.

    In this class I'm wearing:
    - Long Sleeve Crop, Cloud:

  • DAY 4 – Full Body Reformer

    I am in love with this style of movement. Our home reformer class replicates reformer exercises using sock or sliders. Look at this daily movement as setting yourself up for the day. Time to connect to your body, get stronger, feel vibrant and healthy.

    In this class I'm wearing:
    - Leggings, San...