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  • Welcome to the Ovulatory Phase

    Welcome to your Ovulatory Phase! This video will give you an overview of your classes, nutrition and lifestyle guidance for this phase. If you want to learn more about any aspect of this phase, have a look at the Ovulatory Phase section of the program guide book.

  • DAY 13 - Cardio Pilates Circuit

    Welcome to the first workout of your Ovulatory Phase! It's about to get really sweaty and sexy in this phase. Today we have a Cardio Circuit class that mixes energising cardio intervals with Pilates based toning. Right now your body is primed for more intense cardio and strength based exercises. ...

  • Day 14 - Define Butt + Thighs

    We have a lower body Define class today to make the most of the fact your hormone levels are at their peak - allowing you to build muscle and create a strong body more easily. We're going to work the butt and thighs from all angles with a mix of low impact cardio and toning. Challenge create chan...

  • DAY 15 - Cardio Pilates Circuit

    Today we have a sweaty, full body cardio pilates circuit. We're going to be pushing ourselves to our limits. Your body can handle this style of cardio and strength training are really create some beautiful results during this phase.
    Feel confident in yourself and your ability to do anything you...

  • DAY 16 - Define Abs + Arms

    Today is all about feeling strong, confident and empowered by our workouts. We have a define class which incorporates strength training, pilates and functional training. This class will help to create muscle definition in the abs and arms, it's sweaty and energising. I am using 1 lb. wrist weight...

  • DAY 17 - Sunset Stretch & Release

    Today is the last day of the ovulatory phase and this dreamy stretch if going to help us recover from the intense workouts in this phase. It's so important to give back to your body if you’re feeling depleted. Listening to your body and honouring what it needs is one of the most powerful things y...