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DAY 1 - Stretches for Period Cramps + Lymphatic Massage to Reduce Bloat

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Welcome to the Menstrual Phase



  • DAY 1 - Stretches for Period Cramps +...

    Welcome to day one of a new menstrual cycle! Today we are going to flow through some restorative stretches for period cramps and lymphatic massage. The stretches are going to focus on the hips, lower abs and low back to help ease tension in the body. We will be incorporating breath-work and mindf...

  • DAY 2 - Mat Pilates for Butt + Thighs

    It's day 2 of your cycle and if you're feeling tired, remember it's ok to take it slow. Today we have a beautiful sculpt and lengthen pilates class. Today's focus is on the outer thighs and hips to avoid tension in areas that may be feeling more tight or cramped. We're going to focus on slow, min...

  • DAY 3 - Full Body Reformer Pilates

    I am sooo excited about today's class. You may feel like you have a bit more energy today so play with pace and what feels good in your body as we move towards our follicular phase. We are going to flow through dynamic pilates reformer style exercises. Home reformer is all about deep sculpting an...