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Watch this video and more on ALIGN

Watch this video and more on ALIGN

DAY 2 - Mat Pilates for Butt + Thighs



  • DAY 3 - Full Body Reformer Pilates

    I am sooo excited about today's class. You may feel like you have a bit more energy today so play with pace and what feels good in your body as we move towards our follicular phase. We are going to flow through dynamic pilates reformer style exercises. Home reformer is all about deep sculpting an...

  • DAY 4 - Mat Pilates for Abs + Arms

    Today is all about sculpting and lengthening the abs and arms with intentional movement. We are really going to tune into our bodies, create fresh energy and achieve a mindful burn today. We will focus on the deep core muscles and waistline - using our breath-work to engage ur core, help us breat...

  • DAY 5 - Sunset Sculpt + Lengthen

    This is such a dreamy class for the end of your menstrual phase. We're going to be incorporating pilates and yoga style exercises, with dynamic stretching to sculpt and lengthen the body. Wrist weights are totally optional based on if you want more sculpting or more restorative movement. We want ...