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Watch this video and more on ALIGN

DAY 24 - Mat Pilates for Legs + Butt



  • DAY 25 - Mat Pilates for Abs + Arms

    Today we're back with another slow and mindful mat pilates class. Today we're going to incorporate lots of stretching, along with sculpting, for a workout that is going to feel both satisfying and restorative. The vibe is learning how to trust our body and doing what feels GOOD. We always know in...

  • DAY 26 - Abs + Arms Reformer

    This is one of my favourite ways to move in the luteal phase. The reformer pilates style exercises work deep into the muscle and leave you feeling instantly stronger and more lengthened. This workout focuses on obliques and adds twists to help debloat. For this class you will need socks, a dishto...

  • DAY 27 - Butt + Thighs Reformer

    Today our focus is on slow, intentional movement and increasing flexibility and inner strength. I love the reformer style classes as they help to feel elegant and lengthened, and connected to your body. The closer you get to the beginning of your menstrual phase, the more important it is to be ki...