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Watch this video and more on ALIGN

Watch this video and more on ALIGN

DAY 21 - Mat Pilates Butt + Thighs



  • DAY 22 - Full Body Home Reformer

    Today we have our first DIY reformer class of the luteal phase. It's all about slowing down and connecting to the muscles you're working. As our hormone levels dip, our energy tends to lower as well. We will also be incorporating stretching and sculpting into this workout.

    For this class you wil...

  • DAY 23 - Sunset Stretch + Release

    You're halfway through your luteal phase. How are you feeling angel? Today is a moving meditation + stretch class, to help restore your body and mind. As we move to the second half of our luteal phase our focus shifts from energising and strengthening classes, to classes that focus on tuning inwa...

  • DAY 24 - Mat Pilates for Legs + Butt

    You're now in the second half of the luteal phase where we begin to slow down and focus on slow toning and lengthening exercises. Start checking in with yourself and noticing your energy. During this phase it's so important to honour where you’re at each day. Throughout this class, notice and ten...