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Watch this video and more on ALIGN

Watch this video and more on ALIGN

DAY 8 - Full Body Cardio Sculpt



  • DAY 9 - Low Impact Legs + Butt

    You're halfway through your follicular phase! By now you should be feeling like you have more energy for your workouts. This class will provide a sweaty and energising class that incorporates butt and thigh exercises to sculpt the lower body. It's non-stop cardio and sculpting. Here is a reminder...

  • DAY 10 - Mat Pilates for Abs + Arms

    Today's class is all about feeling strong and empowered. Our hormones are primed for strength based workouts right now. This class is power Pilates. We mix pilates exercises to strengthen the smaller muscles with strength based, functional training to work the larger muscles.

    I am using 3lb. we...

  • DAY 11 - Full Body Cardio Sculpt

    Sweaty and energising is what it's all about today. The endorphins from this style of cardio sculpt class are real. You're getting close to ovulation and your body can really handle more intensity and strength. All of the work you're putting in now is going to create some really beautiful results...