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Watch this video and more on ALIGN

Watch this video and more on ALIGN

DAY 6 - Low Impact Cardio Abs + Arms



  • DAY 7 - Mat Pilates for Butt + Thighs

    Today we're going to sculpt the butt and thighs with a strong, mat Pilates class. These exercises are going to help you connect to your body and really feel each exercise. As you move through your follicular phase you will hopefully begin to feel more energised and stronger. This workout incorpor...

  • DAY 8 - Full Body Cardio Sculpt

    I am so excited for today's class! By today hopefully you're feeling vibrant and ready to move that beautiful body of yours. We have some low impact jumping in this class to help activate the lymphatic system and boost metabolism, you can also modify and omit the jumps. Take the options that feel...

  • DAY 9 - Low Impact Legs + Butt

    You're halfway through your follicular phase! By now you should be feeling like you have more energy for your workouts. This class will provide a sweaty and energising class that incorporates butt and thigh exercises to sculpt the lower body. It's non-stop cardio and sculpting. Here is a reminder...