Today is all about embracing the power of gratitude. Incorporating a gratitude practice in your life is so powerful. It can really help to cultivate a more positive mindset, as well as begins to train your brain to start looking for the good in life. When you’re feeling thankful, you’re focusing on an abundance mindset. The more we can focus on the things we are thankful for in our lives, no matter how small like a warm bed, cup of coffee, hug from a loved one, the more we can attract more things to be thankful for. I want you to enjoy today's Mat Pilates class and Meditation and open yourself up to gratitude for all the beauty and goodness in your life.

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  • DAY 6 - Mat Butt + Thighs

    We will be incorporating the power of gratitude into our mat Pilates class and meditation today so you can really feel this in your body, and carry the energy out into your day. Being thankful for what you have while working to what you want.

    In this class I'm wearing:
    - Long Sleeve Crop, Dune: ...

  • DAY 6 - Meditation for Self Love & Gratitude

    This meditation is to help you use gratitude and self-love to keep you grounded and inspired in times of transformation. Right now you are doing the work to create your dream girl self and future. Use this to set the tone and embody this energy of self love on your journey.

    In this class I'm wea...