Let’s talk about getting results from a place of love. This is something that can dramatically impact your relationship with food, exercise and body image. You’re not going to get positive results with a negative mindset and you definitely can’t hate your body into something you love. I want you to check in with yourself today and make sure you are showing up from a place of love. Self-doubt and negative self talk can creep into our mindset without us even consciously noticing it. Today as you move through today's low impact class and your self-care Gua Sha routine, I want you to be be mindful of your thoughts and remember to treat your body with kindness, love and gratitude for all it does for you.

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  • DAY 5 - Low Impact Abs & Arms

    In our low impact cardio abs and arms class today we are moving our bodies from a place of love. Working out in a way that feels good, that gives us energy. Taking the options that feel supportive of our bodies. Movement is such a great way to celebrate your body and all the amazing things it doe...

  • DAY 5 – Gua Sha Routine

    I have included one of my favourite facial massage and Gua Sha routines as the self care practice for today. As you do this, or maybe whenever you see yourself in the mirror today, look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself, “I love you, I am proud of you, you’re doing an amazing job.”

    In this ...