Welcome to Day 1 of your Retreat. Today is all about starting off the year with fresh energy and fresh intentions for the month/year to come. Our workout today is an energising Low Impact Cardio class that is going to help us get our bodies moving and clear our thoughts so we can start the Retreat off on a fresh and positive note. Setting intentions is something I like to do at the start of each month to get excited and inspired. I’ve created a process that helps me to set intentions and align my energy. This process helps you to visualise what you want to achieve and who you need to be to get there. It also helps to create a blueprint for the steps that will help you get there. We'll be thinking about this during our workout and I’ll be guiding you through this process in a Journal With Me class in the retreat today. It is such a powerful way to start this program.

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  • DAY 1 - Full Body Low Impact Cardio

    Welcome to day 1 of your Pilates Retreat. It all starts here my love. Today we have a a Cardio Pilates Sculpt class that will help wake up your body and create fresh energy. I love this style of class for a quick boost.

    Something that I talk about a lot in Align classes is moving with intentio...

  • DAY 1 - Intention Setting Journal With Me

    This is my go to monthly journal routine that I can't wait to share with you. Today we are going to get clear on our goals and the steps it will take to get there. I want you to let yourself dream big, get inspired and embody your future in this.

    Align Journal available here: